812Mhz / RIR1009 - Live Series

by William Nurdin

Sa/sam, 06.01.2018, 21h30 FREI present William Nurdin (FRA) Anna & Léon (CH) Francisco Meirino (CH) Bad Bonn et sa carte FREI! Das Freiburger Kollektiv FREI präsentiert uns 3 verschiedene Ansätze und Perspektiven aus dem Bereich Noise und Experimentelle Musik. Als erstes zeigt uns William Nurdin (Nancy, F) sein Projekt „812mhz“ voller Rückkopplungen, Kontaktmikrofone, Effekte und Stimmen. Danach zeigt das Duo Anna & Léon aus La Chaux-de-Fonds ihre dunkle aber auch sanfte Musik aus verschiedenen Objekten, Instrumenten und Gesangsfetzen. Abschliessend fliegen wir mit Hilfe der raumfüllenden Sythesizer-Musique-Concrète des Lausanners Francisco Meirino davon. Pour cette soirée le collectif Fribourgeois FREI présente 3 sets noise/expérimental. 3 horizons différents, 3 approches particulières avec en premier le performeur William Nurdin (Nancy, F) qui nous présentera son set “812mhz”, manipulation de feedback avec voix, micros de contact et effets. S’ensuivra le duo Anna & Léon de la Chaux-de-Fonds qui nous jouera une musique douce et sombre à base de boucles de voix, d’objets et d’instruments variés. Le Lausannois Francisco Meirino clôturera la soirée avec un solo en deux parties, de musique concrète au synthétiseur modulaire, le son occupant tout l’espace physique du lieu…/


2018, 3rd June @ Punctum (cz-praha) : vimeo.com/273341937

Live project called "RIR1009", (pre-called 812mhz)
a bruitiste wire-less action animated by NW.
a need to developed, manipulation of feedBack,
buccal basics and psychoacoustic.
with the help of :
an headset-mic and contact-mic,
plugged into few effect pedals, 
connected into a wireless system, 
wear with a belt to be free to move like i need.

Compilation of all gigs in Japan : nnww.bandcamp.com/album/nw-rir1009-move-your-butt-or-die

Second try via this link : youtu.be/FRldLIuCPRE?t=32s

Thanks to Mona from "Le Barlok", in Brussel, to help for the first delivery.


released April 15, 2017

Technical interface regulations (RIR) define the requirements for the frequency use by radiocommunication equipment in the frequency range up to 3000 GHz. RIR include the technical parameters, the frequency bands as well as the licensing regime (in Switzerland) respectively the obligation for individual frequency assignment (in Liechtenstein). RIR indicate the technical standards which, when they are fulfilled, pose a presumption of conformity to the essential requirements. The fulfilling of the essential requirements constitutes one of the conditions for offering and making available on the market of radiocommunication equipment in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The technical interface regulations are based on art. 25 and 31 of the telecommunications law [FMG; SR 784.10], on art. 3 of the decree on frequency management and radiocommunications licenses [FKV; SR 784.102.1], the decree of OFCOM on frequency management and radiocommunications licenses [VFKV; SR 784.102.11] as well as on art. 3 of the decree on telecommunication equipment [FAV; SR 784.101.2]. The technical interface regulations are published in annex 2 of the decree of OFCOM on telecommunication equipment [VFAV; SR 784.101.21].

The present technical interface requirements (RIR) are based on Art. 31 et seq. of the Communications Act (LR 784.10, in its current version) in combination with Art. 82 et seq. of the Ordinance concerning Means of Identification and Frequencies in the Field of Electronic Communication (LR 784.101.8, in its current version) and Art. 28, 29 of the Ordinance concerning tasks and authorization of the administration in area of electronic communication (LR 784.101.4, in its current version) and Art. 4 Para. 1 part b) and protocol II of agreement between the government of Principality of Liechtenstein and Parliament of Switzerland on matters regarding telecommunication area (LR 0.784.189.101.1, in its current version).
They also rely upon Art. 3 of the Swiss decree concerning telecommunication equipment (SR 784.101.2) in virtue of the Customs Treaty regarding the direct applicability of certain Swiss regulations (LR 170.551.631, in its current version).





nw Nancy, France

Actionism & Serendipity.

#curator of RoHS Prod, A Propos De Minos, Bruitisme & Die Destruktion.

IBAN : FR76 1610 6900 2086 1095 2936 223

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