Once upon these times

by nw

Salon Bruit Rerouted #01 Just like Jesus, Salon Bruit has risen from the dead! This is the first in a new weekly streaming concert series hosted by Salon Bruit. Taking place every Thursday between 8 - 10pm with four 30 minute acts of live experimental music performance. We want to create a virtual version of the concerts we are all missing out on during this time of self isolation. Each week we will bring you a diverse selection of music performance and sound art. Stream here https://frbb.out.airtime.pro/frbb_a This week the line up is: 20:00 - edjr. aka Kenned Eduwards Jr. supernoise mafia from denmark , guitar slinger and knob squeezzer https://soundcloud.com/ed-jr-1 20:30 -Kido Gohn Acoustic noise, free improvisation hybrid cello https://guidokohn.wixsite.com/website 21:00 - William Nurdin Tiny loop built on a Low Speed version of a Revox-B77, i am using concrete material to produced sound with Contact Mic, GBF, No Input, IR Remote Receiver. - http://www.nwwn.fr/ 21:30 - Marta Zapparoli For this specific audio streaming, She will improvise performing with radio receivers and antennas, capturing signals in real time. - https://martazapparoli.klingt.org/ ————————————————————————————— presented by : : : Seamus O'Donnell O'Donnell's work includes numerous projects in the field of sound and media art, experimental radio and live improvisation. He is Co-initiator of the series of experimental music meetings in Salon Bruit Berlin, which were regularly organized events between 2002 and 2015 and over the years has been involved in many different temporary radio projects (such as PiRadio, RebootFM, Radio Tesla, Funkwelle and currently 88.4FM with Cola Bora Dio and Freie Radios Berlin Brandenburg - FRBB). https://lifeloop.org https://www.facebook.com/knifeloop


Audio archive of all streaming ( radio, e-concert... ) done during the containment of March-April-May 2020.



released March 12, 2020

With the help of :

RCN : rcn-radio.org
Apo33 : apo33.org
∏node : p-node.org
Asile 404 : asile404.org
Salon Bruit : lifeloop.org
A Propos De Minos : apdm.tk
Bruitisme : bruitismes.bandcamp.com
Boiler Merde : www.youtube.com/channel/UCxLcNllMIT_bu2MiQjGuVaA
SOTU (Sounds of the Underground) : www.sotufestival.com

Thanks to :

Thomas, Pauline Creusat, Seamus O'Donnell, Tim Viallefond, Krybn, Tyfen, PGR, Julien Ottavi, Grégory Henrion...




nw Nancy, France

Actionism & Serendipity.

#curator of RoHS Prod, A Propos De Minos, Bruitisme & Die Destruktion.

IBAN : FR76 1610 6900 2086 1095 2936 223

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